Why Rapid Fat Loss is Bad

It is little more than a natural desire to lose weight as fast as you possibly can, especially when there is an event on the horizon that you want to look your best for.

That is why, despite experts warning of the dangers associated with rapid fat loss, so many people ignore the warnings and do some foolish things to try and lose the excess as fast as they possibly can.

There are some serious health risks associated with losing body mass too quickly, especially when it involves what are known as starvation diets. By depriving yourself of essential nutrients over a prolonged period of time, you can create a condition of malnutrition which can be damaging to your body in the long term.


Some people even resort to withholding liquids in the hope of reducing body mass, which is equally dangerous as it can result in highly serious conditions and can even bring about kidney and other organ failure. Dehydration can affect the nervous system too with intermittent loss of motor control, never mind the negative effects on the brain and the ability to think cohesively.

Apart from the potential health hazards associated with trying to lose weight too fast, there are other long term issues that can make this action a foolish one. It is well known that when a person tries to lose those excess pounds too fast, they will soon return as soon as the person reverts back to their normal eating and lifestyle patterns.

Starvation Mode

By trying to shed too much too quickly, the body is forced to place itself in starvation mode. In this aspect the body slows down metabolism of food and suppresses the digestive process.

At the same time it takes the nutrients it does get from the small amount of food it is getting and stores much more of it as fat. It does this to help it cope with the period of little or no food.

As soon as more food is consumed, much more is stored as fat which causes rapid weight gain. This is exacerbated by a sluggish metabolism that will not resume its normal function until enough fat is stored to cope with the next expected period of starvation.

This happens even if the person has no intention of doing it again.

Basic Survival

This is basic survival tactics and is a basic part of human programming and instinct that cannot be overridden by simply wanting or expectation.

These issues need to be considered very carefully before you make any attempt to lose weight simply by restricting the food and liquids that you normally consume. A rapid fall in the person’s overall size may well result in the short term. But but the associated dangers plus the longer term consequences of such actions make them potentially dangerous and are not recommended by any medical or nutritional experts.

If you need to lose a number of excess pounds for any reason, it should be planned well in advance of the target date you expect to have lost it. Working out a sensible, nutritious diet is always a good idea.

This is so that it can be reduced naturally and safely with better long term potential to preserve the correct level lost. And to then continue with measures designed to maintain a healthy body weight for a long time to come.

If you want to weigh what you should weigh, check out this video:


Success with Nutrisystem Diets

There are many ways in which you can lose some of that extra weight that you have been promising yourself lately, but surely one of the easiest of all is through doing a Nutrisystem diet. That’s because it is a combination of ease of use with sheer convenience that makes this type of diet so successful.

So what does it do that the rest do not?

When you choose a Nutrisystem diet plan, whether you saw it on a TV commercial or an ad somewhere or read about in one of the better diet reviews online, you are choosing a way of losing weight that means you have very little to do in order to achieve it. In fact, these great diets take all the work out of dieting, leaving the dieter to simply eat the meals they provide and let their bodies practically do the rest!

Convenient and Simple Diet

This is a dieting program devised to be convenient and highly easy for people to use. By taking all the hard work and fiddly calorie and measurement computations out of the way of the dieter, Nutrisystem have come up with a perfect time saving and easy to follow diet program that really does produce great results, time after time.

There is no need to go to the grocery store even, as Nutrisystem provide all the food you will need for a full four weeks and deliver them straight to your home. That includes three square meals a day plus two additional snacks that you can eat between meals if you feel the need for something extra, as well as a protein shake to boost your protein intake.

As long as you stick to the food they provide and don’t eat anything else (aside from their own recommended vegetable and protein extras), you will lose weight over that period. If you want to help things along some, doing some moderate daily exercise like going for long walks or swimming will really boost your weight loss and bringing you a great success with this wonderful, easy way to diet healthily.

External Resources

To really get a full overall view of how the various diet plans from Nutrisystem can help you to lose weight easily and effectively, it helps to read some other reviews and informational articles that cover this subject. One excellent article that we can recommend can be found here: Nutrisystem Review and is well worth reading. The bigger the picture you can see of this diet, the better your chances of enjoying a great success are.


To really succeed with any kind of change in the way you eat and achieve great weight loss results, you absolutely must stick to the plan provided for you. This particular program makes that so easy to do by literally handing you the menu on a plate so all you need to do is eat what they give you and when they tell you to.

Dieting doesn’t come any easier, so if you’re really determined to get in shape, this has to be the one for you!

How To Achieve Good Weight Loss Results

One of the most difficult things that people have to face in their lives these days is to get back in to the shape that they were in their 20s. After creating a career and having a family, it is time to start paying closer attention to you, and your health, and losing weight to be slimmer is the most effective way to make you feel better.

The problem is that weight loss can be difficult, and if you want to get fast results you are usually setting yourself up for failure.

Get Started With the Exercises

The first thing that you should do is find a reliable personal trainer that can help you set up an exercise program for you. You don’t have to look for someone who is highly experienced and well known, and it is enough that you get a sensible program, and guidance on how to work out at a gym. Making exercising a habit is what you need to do in order to achieve permanent results and enjoy it for the rest of your life.

After finding someone to help you exercise, you need to start making more sensible food choices. In the beginning it is very simple, and I recommend that you commence with a diet that is very rich in green vegetables, and high in protein sources such as lean cuts of beef, chicken, turkey, and all kinds of fish.

Let Food Workout For You

You should eat green vegetables and a protein source on every meal of the day, 4-5 times each day. After you have followed this “green vegetables and meat” diet for two weeks, you can start slowly adding fruits and berries to your diet. In essence you will be using food to give your body an internal workout that can be surprisingly effective when done right.

You want to make your diet as versatile as possible so that you can follow it for the rest of your life. You want to make as many of your meals yourself, so that you know what they contain, but every now and then you have to eat out, and then it is about making the right choices.

Keep in mind that deviating from these rules every now and then will not harm your strategy as long as you try to keep your diet simple. Once you have been able to eat a month or so this way, you could maybe have a look at some all-natural weight loss pills that have been proven to work and are also proven safe.


Diet pills should not be a primary way of losing the excess pounds and they only should be used to boost your results. If you aren’t getting slimmer with your diet and exercise plan, there is something wrong with them and that can’t be corrected with any diet pill.

The bottom line is to work on your physique as naturally as possible through wholesome food and daily activity. Your body should fall into line with that strategy and naturally reduce in size and fat storage levels over time as long as you stick to what you’re doing and no cheating!

Meal Replacement Diet Food Delivery Explained

There are many different diet programs currently available for people to try who need to lose weight. Most of the available diet plans follow the more conventional route of providing you with a diet sheet with certain food that you can eat and those you must avoid. Then you are left to get on with it all by yourself (although some programs offer some kind of on-going support).

But this type of diet doesn’t suit everybody and indeed, there are many people who need to lose weight and want to lose weight but simply don’t have the time to devote to such a time taking method as most conventional diet require. For these people, there is a great alternative in what has become known as “meal replacement diets” or “diet food delivery.”

What is Diet Food Delivery?

First of all, it helps to know just exactly what this kind of diet system is. In a nutshell, diet food delivery is a kind of diet system where instead of shopping for special diet ingredients, preparing and cooking your own meals, all the food you need for your diet is prepared and packaged by a diet company and the meals shipped to your home. The amount of food that is shipped differs from company to company, but each devises their menu to provide all your meals for a specified period of time.

I’m sure that you can immediately see the advantages of this way of dieting, especially for a person who has very little free time available. Perhaps you work a job that means you are away from home for long hours every day, or you have a long commute to and from your place of work which increases the number of hours you spend away from home and therefore far fewer that you can spend at home relaxing and doing what you want to do.

The last thing on your mind in this situation is spending hours shopping for special diet ingredients, then preparing special meals that you have to cook yourself!

Where Can I Get This Kind of Diet?

There are several top names in weight loss diets that provide this kind of program, such as Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, eDiets, Medifast, Diet-to-Go, Bistro MD etc. Each has its own tariff and menu. They generally provide a meal package that provides 3 or more meals per day (breakfast, lunch and main meal, often with a dessert) that cover periods from one week to four weeks at a time.

One of the most popular of these and also one of the most cost effective is Nutrisystem to lose weight. They provide a month’s worth of meals including the three main meals plus two additional snack bars and a protein shake so you are unlikely to feel hungry during the day on this diet.

You can find out more about Nutrisystem in this informative article here: A Look at Nutrisystem which covers several aspects of the diet including plus and minus points and much of the information you always wanted to know about the program.

A Look at Nutrisystem Diets

Finding a convenient, home delivered meal replacement diet program that works can be a deal breaker and when you choose Nutrisystem, success can be yours with surprisingly little effort on your part. With so many people making use of their program, it makes sense to cover something about the company and its website that people may not be aware of.

It stands to reason that the meals are designed to be low in calories, nutritionally balanced and taste good enough to, well, eat. They’re small but with good reason: the goal is to shed weight and to do that you need to teach your body to eat less food!

What to Expect

Here’s a brief rundown of what you might expect from signing up for this convenient diet program. The first step is choosing your preferred plan from the standard men’s or women’s groups then opting for the core plan or choosing a more specific one from the vegetarian, diabetic or seniors plans. There is also a “Select” plan which consists of mostly frozen meals, which is higher quality but costs more.

After choosing your plan and ordering, you can sit back and wait for a month’s supply of meals (three main meals per day plus additional snacks and protein shakes), to arrive at your door. It can be quick, inside two days is not unheard of!

Upon delivery, you’ll need to open the box and pack away the meals. Aside from the select plans, which need to be stored in your freezer, the regular plan meal packs can be stored in a cool pantry with some cold meals in your fridge. Read the instructions and they’ll tell you the best place to keep your food.

Read all the literature so you know what you have to do. Then get started!

You can add some grocery items to some meals to make them more filling if you want to, although this is not mandatory, though recommended. Stick with the food to keep the diet simple and don’t cheat and you’ll lose weight at a steady rate, depending on your starting weight.

If you’re very overweight, you will most likely lose a lot of pounds over the first two weeks, then the rate will slow down as your body becomes accustomed to the eating strategy. If you’re only a little overweight, you’ll lose it more slowly.

The experts tend to agree that a rate of 1-2 pounds per week of weight lost is optimum and healthy. Don’t expect to lose it much faster – the celebrity claims of total weight lost might look pretty impressive, but it will have taken them a lot of time to lose it!

Support for Dieters

One of those aspects of the company site is the ongoing support they offer to their customers. This includes access to qualified counselors who can help you get through the early stages of the diet plan if you are finding it tough going for whatever reason. Of the many people who fail on the diet, then write in to complain to all the blogs and complaints sites they can find who will listen, most did so because they didn’t make use of Nutrisystem’s customer help and support, except maybe to complain.

You have to remember that there are always going to be plenty of people who will complain about just about anything and they tend to have that attitude that the world owes them a living and that everyone else is responsible for whatever happens to them. They don’t entertain the idea that they may have to shoulder the responsibility for their actions.

So they just try something and if it doesn’t suit, they straight away start complaining as loud as they can cause they can’t understand that ultimately, the buck stops with them. This is true of any diet plan you are thinking about trying out.

Be Positive and Decisive

My own advice is to avoid listening to anyone that complains about things. It breeds negativity which is something you really need to stay clear of if you want to succeed. Listen to your own heart and make your own decisions!

They are all of varying quality and some are more expensive than others. Nutrisystem falls into the “reasonably good quality” sector and they are far from the most expensive, but also not the cheapest either. But if you want to succeed, you have to put your all into it and take responsibility if you cheat or fail to get some exercise or do any of the things you ought to do to make certain of success.

That’s because if you just rely on the diet to do it all for you, chances are it will fall short of your expectations. This is simply because you might not have fulfilled your end of the bargain, which is to put some effort into it for yourself.

Of course if you are looking for the best reviews of this program, the best place is to go is probably their own website which you can do by clicking on the small poster for Nutrisystem you often find on websites promoting the brand. They provide a complete set of meals, menus and plans which covers everything they provide for their customers.

Keeping Your Diet Simple

I can imagine that an awful lot of overweight people will be trying really hard to come up with a workable solution to their problem that doesn’t involve any hard work. After all, in the world of conveniences that we live in, why should we make it difficult to lose weight? The answer is that we do not need to make it any more difficult than it needs to be because there are plenty of ways in which we can make it really easy on ourselves.

For instance, you only have to look around at all the convenient diet programs that are around these days to see that there is a simple solution for everyone if they want to take it. When you get started on some of the many convenient diet reviews that you can find online and see what great diet solutions some of these programs really are then you will kick yourself for not getting started sooner!

Convenience Makes Life Simple

Choosing to work with a convenient, easy to use diet food delivery diet system makes the task of dieting so easy that you will wonder where it’s been hiding all your life! Imagine not having to prepare any food, cook any meals or count any calories! Well that’s what happens when you put yourself on this kind of diet program that really makes the whole process so easy!

There may a better way to keep a diet simple and hassle free, but for most people, this is the kind of diet that has it all. The only downside is you have to pay for the food on these diet programs and the process will vary from company to company, depending on the quality of the food and other factors. But the majority of these programs cost less than a regular breakfast at a diner so in reality, they are not expensive by any stretch of the imagination.

You can read more about the beauty of simplicity in diets in our accompanying article here: Taking the Convenient Diet Option. The option of dieting conveniently is available to everyone who is interested in this way of losing weight easily and effectively.

Losing Weight on a Nutrisystem Diet

The process of losing weight can be a daunting one to anyone who has tried without success in the past. But that doesn’t mean there are no effective solutions still available to you.

You probably already know how important it is to maintain a healthy weight, but when you have allowed that aspect of your health to slip a little and the weight has crept up more than you would like it to, then it really is time to take some kind of remedial action. It’s always a good idea, especially if you are thinking about trying a diet plan such as Nutrisystem to learn as much about it as you can before you go ahead and consider signing up.

For this reason it’s always recommended that reading some of the more factual and informative Nutrisystem reviews that are available online is the way to satisfy that need. They will help you to learn a lot more about the system than the advertisements that you see on television will ever tell you.

The reason for getting a better understanding of your chosen diet system is so that you are fully prepared for all eventualities and will not be put off by anything unforeseen that can happen when you don’t take the time to research a product first.

Being informed about the diet you will be signing up for is highly desirable and will help you to lose weight more successfully. If you want to read a much more in-depth review of the program and how its weight loss diet plans can help you, there here is an excellent article that provides one of the best in-depth Nutrisystem studies that you’re likely to find anywhere.

The Right Diet Solution

Once you have a good handle on what Nutrisystem is all about, then if you decide it is the right solution for you, there is no point in delaying the next step, which is to sign up and wait for delivery of your food. This is actually a good time because it means that you have done something really positive toward losing some of that excess weight.

The rest is pretty simple, because just about everything is done for you. That includes all meal preparation, calorie counting, portion allocation and control and cooking is unnecessary.

You just grab a meal, heat it up and eat! There are enough meals for 28 days and that covers all three main meals of the day plus two snack bars and one protein shake, so you are hardly going to feel hungry. But if you feel the meals are a little on the small side, then you can opt for Nutrisystem’s recommended veggie and protein additions which you will have to go to the store and buy yourself.

Just remember to drink plenty of water each day, no soda or flavored drinks (that includes diet drinks) and enjoy your meals. The weight will come off in measured amounts depending upon your individual circumstances, but at the end of the day, this is a diet that works for most people.

What About Medifast?

A good alternative meal replacement diet solution can be had from Medifast. Take a look at the short video to find out:

The video above can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ROo6GIgosE

Taking the Convenient Diet Option

For many people who are in need of losing some weight, the proliferation of diet programs that are currently available must be quite daunting, especially when there is a pressing need to choose one to help with losing some of that excess weight. There are some diets that are better than others, while different types cater for different needs and even different tastes.

For people in need of a convenient alternative to the more conventional kind of diet that often involves a lot of extra work on the part of the dieter, there are solutions available where the food is prepared for you and then delivered to your home address. These diet food delivery diets have a special place in the grand scheme of the dieting world because they help many thousands of people to lose weight where no other viable solution exists.

It may be because of having to work at a job with long hours and a long commute making for a long day with very little free time. Or it could be busy moms with a family to feed who are not interested in joining in with mom’s special diet creations!

A Real Life Scenario

Here is a letter written in by one of our readers explaining how they came by this kind of diet and how it helped them to lose weight without any hassle:

“I have always been pretty economical with my time and the very thought of spending hours in the kitchen preparing and cooking a diet meal for myself is completely alien to me. That time could be much better spent in the gym or going for a run and getting enough exercise to burn off all the excess calories so a diet meal would not even be needed! But for those times when there isn’t enough of that precious commodity to spend at the gym, my opinion is why not just get the meals you need delivered to your home and be done with it?

I read some really good diet reviews that sold me on the idea of trying Nutrisystem. It meant simply choosing a plan and customizing it with meals I liked from a menu selection and then having the diet company chefs do all the hard work of preparing and cooking the food, then packaging it to keep it fresh and shipping it to me. I can eat when I need to and have my meal ready in a minute or two, then get on with whatever I need to get on with.

It’s a great idea and what is really good is the food is excellent, making for a diet I can stick to and enjoy. The best part is that I did stick to it and lost all the weight I needed to lose as a result!”

Joan T

You can read more about how home delivered diets in particular can help busy people (or anyone else for that matter) to lose weight in a convenient and simple way in our article here: Eating less to Lose Weight. The ultimate decision is yours of course, but it sure helps to have some factual and accurate information to hand when making that all important dieting decision!